People call me the design guy.

I like it. Easy to understand and nobody blinks. Fancy titles work well on LinkedIn and make my parents proud. They do pretty well at company parties on occasion. But, fancy titles just confuse people who ask me what I do. I’m Josh. I’m the design guy.

So, we’re experts on making software feel approachable and we say we’re UX Engineers. Who’s idea was that? Not very usable in my opinion.

And what do I do besides make things look pretty? Well, at the moment I do design for TV apps. You know, like Netflix but for other companies who have great content. I’m all about the TV and the remote and you sitting on your couch.

My best work is invisible. If I point out what I did, your reaction should be, “Well duh, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Everyone knows that.”

If I told you we shaved an entire second off the video load time and removed three spinners and two extra clicks I doubt you’d fall over. We do though. We fist bump and do end zone dances.

You’re the real expert. I talk to a lot of people like you about watching TV. I want to know what you don’t like. I want to fix that.

So what is user experience anyway? Basically, it’s like getting coffee. Davie, at my favorite coffee joint, knows my name and my order when I walk in. I drink my espresso at the counter and we chit-chat. It’s a great experience. It’s all about People.

I’m a people person. Hey, now that’s a title.